Building a financial future is a lot like building a home: we develop a blueprint, lay the foundations, finish the structure, and make sure it’s maintained.

But the best and hardest thing about personal financial planning is the “personal” part. Like a custom-built home, your future belongs only to you, which means your financial plan needs to account for all the unique issues, questions, and needs that make you who you are.

Working with Vitucci & Associates means having a partner who is dedicated to helping you live your dreams, your goals, and your life.

Together, we’ll help you:

DEFINE the financial goals that are most important to you

PREPARE a personal financial plan and investment strategy to help you get there

PROTECT your family from both known risk factors and the unexpected

PRESERVE your wealth and your financial trajectory with smart strategies and tailored solutions

We Are Here To Guide You


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Let’s work together to build the financial future of your dreams

The achievement of any goal relies on defining it. Consider your goals and learn about how we can work together to help you achieve them.

Learn about our highly personal, goals-based approach to financial planning and how it can help you lay the foundations for a more robust financial future.

Learn about the goals that are most important to you most by browsing our free library of tailored financial planning articles and eBooks. Updated weekly!

Ready to Take the Next Step Towards Your Financial Goals?

Schedule a free consultation with a Vitucci & Associates advisor matched specifically to your needs — and find out for yourself how our personalized goals-based approach to financial planning can help you build the financial future of your dreams.

At Vitucci & Associates, we believe in goals-based financial planning. Without a vision for your financial future, it’s difficult to build and execute on a robust plan to get you there. We help you navigate the whole process, from identifying your financial goals to managing your investment portfolio in line with your objectives.

Your finacial relationship Your relationship with Vitucci & Associates begins with a free, no-obligation consultation and in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation, including your current concerns and ultimate goals.

Your financial planYour financial plan is developed and managed on an ongoing basis – just for you. Based on the goals and needs we identified in our first meeting and over time, our advisors build a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your dreams. We go above and beyond basic budgets and investment accounts: with Vitucci & Associates, your advisor has the expertise and resources to provide holistic guidance and ideas.

Our financial responsibilityOur responsibility is to help remove the mystery and alleviate the stress associated with financial planning and investing. Whether it’s college planning for your children or retirement planning for yourself, navigating the options can be downright confusing: it’s our mission to help you understand the options and find prudent ways to make your dreams a reality.

 Our commitmentOur commitment is based on ongoing communication about your financial progress, your needs, and your evolving hopes for the future. Just like life, financial planning
isn’t static: we’ll check in with you regularly and make ourselves available to offer sound advice and caring counsel as often as you need it.

What’s your biggest goal?

I want to…

Invest for the future.

Whether it’s a plan for college savings or investing your life savings for retirement, investment is one of the critical components a financial plan. It’s a process that requires a clear understanding of your goals for your money – and your ability and willingness to tolerate risk.

I want to…

Plan For Retirement.

Prudent retirement planning is an endeavor that lasts a lifetime, starting with that first savings contribution and ending with everyday decisions about income and tax management. Your overall goals and the specific financial realities that you face are cornerstones of the process.

I want to…

Map out a lasting legacy.

Legacy isn’t just about leaving money, it’s about helping loved ones achieve their goals. Build on your success and help family members learn from your experiences with a legacy plan that can span generations – whether it’s savings you want to pass down or simply your smart strategies.

I want to…

Develop my money strategies.

Making the most of your money requires a strategic mindset. Whether it’s building a better budget, balancing competing priorities within your family, or navigating complex tax and estate planning issues, there’s likely a way to get more out of the resources you’ve worked so hard to build.

I want to…

Look out for my loved ones.

Helping to protect your family and loved ones safe from financial harm is a significant undertaking, and navigating the options can be confusing.  That’s why learning more about the many available strategies and solutions available is an important first step.

I want to…

Navigate a big transition.

Life evolves, and we do our best to evolve with it. Some significant changes are defined by joy, while others bring profound grief. Navigating any major life transition is a process that requires compassion, patience, and a solid grasp of the financial issues involved.

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