Pat Vitucci has been a leader in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. He has shared the message of his book Don’t Invest and Forget™ with a wide audience through his radio and television programs and live seminars throughout the Bay Area. He is also a popular guest speaker at conferences and workshops.

Pat’s mission is to assist clients in organizing and managing their financial affairs and aligning their investment portfolio with their personal goals and appetite for risk. He utilizes a team of professionals to manage investments through a process called active asset allocation. This involves regular evaluation and reallocation of assets based on the dynamic market and economic conditions we face in today’s complex financial world.

To help meet the challenges of a ever-growing group of clients, he has developed a team of experienced Planning Consultants to work with each client to provide comprehensive solutions based on each individual client’s values, goals, timelines and preferences.

Pat has been recognized for his professional achievements by the various organizations he has been associated with over the years. Educated at Monmouth University in the Northeast, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics.
Pat lives in Alamo and enjoys playing tennis, golf and participating in numerous community activities.

Listen to Pat live on KDOW 1220 AM Saturday morning’s 8-9 am