Dan Beltran, CFP® , ChFC®

Planning Consultant

Dan has been consulting with and servicing clients for 10 years. Working with a wide range of clients including business owners, retirees and work force professionals, he encourages clients to look first at the big picture and develop a clear understanding of their current and future objectives before implementing decisions.

One of Dan’s attributes is assisting his clients in navigating the complex world of investment products and strategies. A key platform in his planning process is helping clients determine how much money they need to accumulate in order to be able to retire on their terms, and then how to convert those assets into a retirement income stream in the future.

The primary focus of our firm is working with individuals, couples and families who are serious about financial security in retirement. The goal is to create custom plans tailored to their current personal situation, their needs and their long term objectives.

Our method of evaluating and reallocating assets based on market conditions, as well as the client’s life changes, is consistent with the title of Pat Vitucci’s book, Don’t Invest and Forget™. Dan’s capabilities and philosophy align seamlessly with Vitucci & Associates.

Dan’s financial planning expertise encompasses businesses, as well. He often works in conjunction with clients’ accountants, attorneys and other trusted advisors to help continuity within their specific situation. Business owner clients enjoy Dan’s ability to apply the most current, tax-efficient and advanced planning strategies to their unique situations in our constantly changing tax and regulatory environment.

Dan graduated from Chico State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.