Retirement Planning Financial Advisors Bay AreaIf you are like most people you would much rather plan your vacation than plan for your retirement! It used to be that you retired at age 65, went on a cruise at age 66 and did who knows what after that. Things have changed. For openers, you will probably live much longer than you thought you would many years ago. You may be one of the many who really don’t “retire” at age 65 (an arbitrary age nowadays) and will enjoy working well beyond age 65. But at some point in life you should enjoy the fruits of your labor all these years. The truth is that Social Security is only a part of today’s retirement plan.

Company pensions? Nowadays we have to take care of ourselves. IRAs, Roth IRA’s, 401Ks, Insurance and Annuities are some of your options, but which ones are right for you? It is definitely not one size fits all.

Vitucci & Associates is a retirement planning specialty firm. We are licensed professional retirement advisors and can offer you a wide variety of retirement plans tailored to your needs.

Vitucci & Associates has a team of partners and employees that actively manage your retirement investments. We call it active asset allocation. We monitor market indicators throughout the world every day and make buy and sell decisions for you based upon your individual risk level. You can monitor the progress of you investments on line 24/7.

Please feel free to call and schedule a no obligation, no cost retirement planning consultation at any of our Bay Area offices.

Active Asset Allocation does not guarantee a profit or assure favorable results. It does not eliminate the risk of investment losses.