Planning for College Savings Financial AdvisorsIf you would like your children or grandchildren to go to college, you know you will have to save for that and plan early. The cost of a college education nowadays is very high with no relief in site. A “savings” account, with minimal interest, is probably not the answer. Vitucci & Associates can help with various plans specifically designed for college education funding to take advantage of tax savings and maximizing investment returns.

We are a licensed professional advisors and can offer you a wide variety of financial plans tailored to your needs and aimed at education funding and being fee based and independent means we are not obligated to any particular product or products. Our motivation is the same as yours: increase the value of your investments.

Vitucci & Associates has a team of partners and employees that actively manage your college savings investments. We call it active asset allocation. Based on the college savings plan we select, we monitor market indicators throughout the world every day and make buy and sell decisions for you based upon your individual risk level. You can monitor the progress of you investments on line 24/7.

Please feel free to call and schedule a no obligation, no cost college savings consultation at any of our 16 Bay Area offices.

*Services offered through Vitucci & Associates Insurance Services. Advisors may charge a commission when acting as a Registered Representative in a brokerage account. NPC does not provide tax or legal advice.

NPC does not provide tax or legal advice