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How to Promote Smart Savings Habits in Your Kids

As retirement savers know, when it comes to saving every little bit helps. But how can you encourage this kind of thinking with your kids? The key is to start now and to tailor the vital importance of saving to each child – and their age. Read on for a few age-appropriate ideas to get started!
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What Does Your Kindergartner Know About Personal Finance?

While money isn’t usually a dinner table topic with young children, some would argue that it should be. From a young age, kids are already learning about sharing, trading, and the value of different objects or toys – why not take advantage of it to incorporate lessons about being smart with money, too?
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Don’t Forget to Check Your Paycheck

Have you looked at your paystub recently? If you’re like many people, you might just let the money go to direct deposit and never open up the envelopes that document your payments. But that would be a mistake. Even if you don’t do it every time, it’s important to regularly check the information on your paystub. Here’s what you need to know.
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The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire

How do you become a millionaire? Invent the next disruptive cloud-based technology? Become an executive at a large company? Actually, you don’t have to do any of these things. The secret to becoming a millionaire is so boring that it’s almost embarrassing, but here it is: Just. Keep. Saving. As much as you can. And try to save a little more every year. That’s it. Can it really be so easy?
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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Financially

These days, financial planning is more complicated than ever. Between the rise of self-directed retirement accounts and the numerous financial products out there, it’s easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there – not to mention the scale of your financial responsibilities. That’s why it’s so important to get the basics right. A solid financial foundation can help protect you from the most common personal finance pitfalls and can give you a feeling of greater mastery and control when it comes to all the financial decisions you need to make in your everyday life. These five critical areas will help you get started.
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How to Use Debt – Properly!

Is debt worth it? This is the essential question when it comes to financing expenditures – not just for consumers, but for businesses and even governments. While debt can help to finance important investments and build wealth, it can also become an unmanageably expensive burden. That’s why choosing which type of debt to use and when is so important. Read on to learn how to distinguish practical from dangerous debt, and how to make the most of both.
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What is an HSA – And How Do You Use One?

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) go hand-in-hand with high-deductible health insurance plans. These days, they’re increasingly common – one study found that nearly 30% of plans fall under the “high deductible” categorization, which means you might be increasingly likely to have one. So how do these plans (and their HSAs) work, and how can you make the most of them?
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Don’t Forget to Prioritize Retirement Savings

Just because 2016 is long over, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the 2016 tax year. One way to do it? Prioritize contributions to your qualified retirement savings accounts! Here’s what you need to know.
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The Secret to Getting the Best Property Tax Rate

Are you getting ready for a formal property assessment? It may not be a typical way to spend your afternoon, but depending on where you live, many homeowners go through it at some point or another. We would all like our homes to appreciate in value, but the results of an in-home assessment can end up having a big impact on your final tax rate (not to mention that of your neighbors). So what can you do to help lower the bill?
5 Commonly Overlooked Tax Breaks

5 Commonly Overlooked Tax Breaks

If you’re gearing up for tax-time, it’s a good time to take stock of some of the major credits, deductions, and other tax advantages available. But with so many intricacies in the tax code, it can be easy to overlook something – and even your tax software or accountant might not know to ask! Don’t leave money on the table: read on to find out about the most commonly overlooked tax breaks available.