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Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Honeymoon – Responsibly!

If you’ve been trying to plan a wedding, you know very well how difficult it can be to keep expenses under control. From place settings to tuxedo rentals, you’ve probably learned more than you ever wanted to about the potential price tags involved in creating the perfect day. As a result, you might really be looking forward to a relaxing honeymoon. In fact, at this point you may really need a relaxing honeymoon! But how can you make it just as perfect as your wedding without breaking the bank? Read on for a few great tips about planning the perfect getaway – responsibly.
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The Secret to a Happy Marriage – Financially Speaking

For many engaged couples, the wedding looms large as a major financial planning issue. But once it’s over and done, “real life” starts – and real life is infamous for its twists and turns. One typical plot twist? Money. Financial issues can be a major source of stress for couples. One study even found that money conflicts early in a marriage are the top predictor of divorce later on. And that’s even after accounting for wealth, income, and debt levels, according to authors Jeffrey Dew, Sonya Britt, and Sandra Huston. For some reason, financial arguments tend to be nastier than others, and they have a significant negative impact on marital satisfaction – both of which make money conflict such a strong predictor of divorce. In other words, one of the best ways to help secure your relationship is to help reduce the intensity and costs of those conflicts. Here’s how.
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5 Financial Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

You might love talking shop about budgeting and financial planning with your fiancé – or you might dread it. But money conversations will be a critical element of married life. After all, money touches pretty much every aspect of our lives, and the ability to understand each other and work together to navigate your finances will make it a whole lot easier. So, let’s get talking. Here are five questions you can ask your partner today about their relationship with money. These questions will help you start a bigger conversation about your dreams, fears, and practical money needs – no spreadsheet required.
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How to Manage “Coupled” Finances

You’re getting hitched, but does that mean your bank accounts have to, too? There are as many different ways of managing joint finances as there are couples, but figuring out what to do can be a challenge – especially if you’re not sure whether you’ll agree. In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through some of the key methods that couples choose in handling their new financial life together, as well as some pitfalls to watch out for and important issues to keep in mind.
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What’s Your Fiancé’s Financial Personality?

It’s wedding season! And while that means wedding planning (for those about to tie the knot), it should also mean taking some time to get your budding family finances in order. One way to approach the issue is to learn more about you and your fiancé’s financial personality. These are the basic sets of behaviors that define your relationship with money, and they can offer important clues as to your loved one’s hopes, beliefs, worries, and even bad experiences. Just remember, personality is only the beginning. There are no simple answers or solutions when it comes to integrating your finances. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to talk not only about the quirks of your money personality, but the fears, emotions, and dreams that might come with it.
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Don’t Forget to Talk to Your Kids About Money

In a world filled with “oversharing,” it can still be tough to talk about money – especially with your kids. But learning how to manage money is a critical skill for kids to master before they get out in the world and encounter credit card offers, student loans, and tricky loans (not to mention 401(k)s, budgeting, and the realities of life in general). So make sure to talk to your kids about money now, while they are still a relatively captive audience. Here are 3 simple ways to get started.
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The Secret to Becoming Rich – Teenagers Edition

From celebrity lifestyles to the fear of missing out on something amazing with friends (“FOMO,” for the uninitiated), teens especially spend an enormous amount of time surrounded by the imagery of wealth and the appearance of an exciting life – without necessarily getting an accompanying lesson in the work it can take to get there. But there is a way. The secret isn’t to become an Instagram star. It’s to develop the right habits around money and financial management.
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5 Ways to Make Money More Interesting – Without Going Shopping

Spending money is easy (and fun!), a lesson most kids can completely absorb at an early age. But teaching sound financial management can be a real challenge – especially if talks about budgeting and the importance of saving get little more than an eye-roll. So how can you encourage interest in those vital lessons and, more importantly, help them stick? With these 5 flexible tricks, you can take a step towards teaching a more financial empowered – and fiscally responsible – approach.
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How to Promote Smart Savings Habits in Your Kids

As retirement savers know, when it comes to saving every little bit helps. But how can you encourage this kind of thinking with your kids? The key is to start now and to tailor the vital importance of saving to each child – and their age. Read on for a few age-appropriate ideas to get started!
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What Does Your Kindergartner Know About Personal Finance?

While money isn’t usually a dinner table topic with young children, some would argue that it should be. From a young age, kids are already learning about sharing, trading, and the value of different objects or toys – why not take advantage of it to incorporate lessons about being smart with money, too?