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The Secret to a Happy Marriage – Financially Speaking

For many engaged couples, the wedding looms large as a major financial planning issue. But once it’s over and done, “real life” starts – and real life is infamous for its twists and turns. One typical plot twist? Money. Financial issues can be a major source of stress for couples. One study even found that money conflicts early in a marriage are the top predictor of divorce later on. And that’s even after accounting for wealth, income, and debt levels, according to authors Jeffrey Dew, Sonya Britt, and Sandra Huston. For some reason, financial arguments tend to be nastier than others, and they have a significant negative impact on marital satisfaction – both of which make money conflict such a strong predictor of divorce. In other words, one of the best ways to help secure your relationship is to help reduce the intensity and costs of those conflicts. Here’s how.

The Open Secret of Medicare Costs

Imagine going to the pharmacy to pick up medication, only to find that your costs have doubled, tripled, or worse. While many retirees have heard of the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap “donut hole,” some only realize they’re actually in it after getting the shock of their life at the pharmacy counter. Are you at risk of falling in the donut hole? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose a Medicare Plan

Medicare is famously confusing for the uninitiated. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by details, coverage options, and “donut holes” you’re not alone. Choosing a plan is easier if you have a framework for assessing and comparing your options. Here’s how to get started.

What Are My Medicare Options?

If you’re approaching retirement, you’ve probably thought about Medicare or even done some research online. And one thing you may have noticed is that choosing a plan can get very complicated very quickly. Here’s what you need to know about Medicare and how to start deciding which plan might be right for you.
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5 Ways to Minimize Taxes in Retirement

It can take a lot of legwork to ensure that you’re starting retirement off on the right foot. A solid understanding of your tax situation -- and how to manage it -- is a key part of doing so. With these tips, you can help make your golden years more prosperous. Some of the tips might seem small, but even the little things help add up to big results over time, so don’t forget to take the next step -- implement these retirement strategies today!