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Don’t Forget to Take a Break

If you’re the lynchpin in your family, providing balance, support, and even financial assistance to parents, children, grandchildren, or others, you’ve probably experienced one thing in abundance: exhaustion. Even though many Sandwich Generation members find a sense of purpose and satisfaction in their role, there’s no denying that it’s an intensive one. Factor in a job and the usual day-to-day responsibilities of a grown up, and you’ve got a recipe for overload. So what do you do?
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The Secret to Helping Your Family: Help Yourself

We’ve all heard the old yarn: if you want to help others, you need to help yourself first. But that doesn’t make it easier – particularly if you have several generations worth of family members to worry about! But financial prioritization, especially when it comes to your own future, is critical. In this article, we’ll show you how sticking to your retirement savings plan can make a big difference, and what you can do to make the task of sticking with it with it a little easier.
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5 Ways to Make Life at Home Easier with a Boomerang Child

Having a child at home can make it easy to fall back into the patterns of childhood. Suddenly, instead of an adult family member sharing your space, you have a brooding teenager and a mess in the kitchen. No one wants that – your child included. Instead of reliving the teenage years, use this time as an opportunity to foster contribution, communication, and family unity. After all, in some respects you have a chance to build a relationship with your child that most don’t get. So how can you make the most of it?
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How to Manage Multigenerational Finances

A grown child’s emergency car repair? An elderly parent’s new glasses? Meal-planning for a full house? It’s all in a day’s work for the Sandwich Generation. Whether you have everyone under one roof or consistent financial contact with family members around the world, you may have struggled with some of the unique planning challenges that Sandwich Generation members face. Budgeting and managing the emotional aspects of integrated finances are often at the top of the list. How can you make sustainable plans – and make sure that everyone is happy? Read on for some of the tips and tricks that we recommend to our Sandwich Generation clients.
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What’s in a Sandwich? Thriving as a Member of the Sandwich Generation

If your family has multiple generations involved, your priorities could include grown children, grandchildren, and elderly parents. Have you ever struggled to balance everyone’s needs? Well then, you could just be a member of the Sandwich Generation. You’re not alone: more and more middle-aged adults are providing emotional, financial, and practical support to their entire families. Their biggest issues? Time and money are often at the top of the list. Here are a few tips for managing both – without sacrificing the big picture priorities that really matter to you.
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This New Year, Give Thanks – And Get Started

Let’s face it: there’s always something more you can be doing for your finances. Whether it’s saving more, planning for a goal, or budgeting better, there’s probably some area of your financial life that could see improvement.
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The Secret to Eliminating Financial Stress

Financial stress can come from many corners, but one tends to keep us up at night more than others: debt. Whether it’s credit cards or a loan you can no longer afford, unsustainable or non-productive debt is a major drain on both our finances and our energy levels. But knowing what to do about it can be difficult – especially if you’re already in the throes of stress. Here’s how to make a plan.
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5 Ways to Get Your Financial House in Order in 2017

With the New Year, you might be thinking about what you can do to help get your financial house in order. Read on for 5 critical pieces that can help you build a holistic financial plan.
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How to Supercharge Your Retirement Savings

You know you need to save as much as possible for retirement, but making the decision to put more money aside can be challenging. We all face so many competing priorities financially – how can you justify reducing your income today for a goal that could be years or even decades in the future? But there is a solution: don’t reduce your income. Save your raise.
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What’s Your Financial Resolution?

Another New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. If you’re also heading towards retirement, this might be a time of mixed feelings: you might be excited but concerned about the future, and you’re probably looking for ways to help smooth the transition. After all, our financial lives can be complicated, and retirement planning is anything but simple. If you’re feeling the pressure, the New Year can be a great time to take a big step in the right direction. You don’t have to get it everything figured out at once, but resolving to make progress in one key area can help you put the pieces into place going forward. Here are a few ideas for New Year’s financial resolutions that can help you maximize your chances of retirement success.