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The Secret to Eliminating Financial Stress

Financial stress can come from many corners, but one tends to keep us up at night more than others: debt.

Whether it’s credit cards or a loan you can no longer afford, unsustainable or non-productive debt is a major drain on both our finances and our energy levels. But knowing what to do about it can be difficult – especially if you’re already in the throes of stress.

Here’s how to make a plan.

How to Supercharge Your Retirement Savings

You know you need to save as much as possible for retirement, but making the decision to put more money aside can be challenging. We all face so many competing priorities financially – how can you justify reducing your income today for a goal that could be years or even decades in the future?

But there is a solution: don’t reduce your income. Save your raise.

What’s Your Financial Resolution?

Another New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. If you’re also heading towards retirement, this might be a time of mixed feelings: you might be excited but concerned about the future, and you’re probably looking for ways to help smooth the transition.

After all, our financial lives can be complicated, and retirement planning is anything but simple.

If you’re feeling the pressure, the New Year can be a great time to take a big step in the right direction. You don’t have to get it everything figured out at once, but resolving to make progress in one key area can help you put the pieces into place going forward.

Here are a few ideas for New Year’s financial resolutions that can help you maximize your chances of retirement success.

Retiring Abroad? Don’t Forget to Update Your Estate Plan

If you’re planning to retire abroad, you’ve probably researched locations, weather, and maybe even real estate. But have you remembered to update your estate plan?

These aren’t the most pleasant subjects, but they are critically important: by taking the time to put your estate plans in place, you have invested in your family’s well being and ability to help you in a crisis.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Secret to an Enjoyable Expat Retirement: Location, Location, Location

As with all things real estate, at the end of the day there’s one factor that dominates when it comes to retiring abroad: location.

As someone wanting to retire abroad, the world is your oyster. There are as many places to go as there are retirees – but not all of them will give you the retirement of your dreams. Some may prefer Costa Rica’s eco-tourism and lifestyle, while others feel more at home in Spain’s well-appointed cities.

So how do you choose?

Consider the following factors when making the big decision. These broad categories will help you narrow down the type of place you want to go (at least until you start to take other things, like weather, into account).

5 Ways to Prepare Your Finances for Life as an Expat Retiree

Life as an expat retiree awaits, and you’re ready to make the move!

Going from idea to reality is a long road, and it requires careful planning and an eye for strategy. After all, even in a world more interconnected than ever, moving from one country to another is still a major transition.

These 5 financial planning tips will help you get started. Just remember that these tips don’t cover everything you need to know –check out the rest of our series on life as an expat retiree to learn more!

How to Pay for Healthcare as an Expat Retiree

One of the biggest issues facing those in retirement is healthcare. From navigating Medicare enrollment to considering the possibility of long-term care down the line, there’s simply a lot to think about.

For those moving abroad, healthcare planning is even more complex – and arguably even more important. So what do you need to do to make the most of your expat retirement?

In this article we’ll cover some of the basics of medical budgeting for expats, but that’s not the only thing you’ll need to think about as an expat retiree. Keep an eye out for more articles with tips and advice on financial planning for retirement abroad.

Where To? The Realities of Retiring Abroad

Many retirees dream of retiring to a tropical paradise or meandering around the globe. Whether it’s a classical villa in a remote village or an adventure over rugged terrain, there’s an expat retiree daydream to suit nearly all of us.

But while the dream is fantastic, moving abroad is a serious undertaking, and there are a number of financial and practical issues that you need to take into account before committing to a move.

In this article, we’ll touch on some of the most basic mistakes and oversights that expat retirees make in choosing a new home base.

The Open Secret of Medicare Costs

Imagine going to the pharmacy to pick up medication, only to find that your costs have doubled, tripled, or worse. While many retirees have heard of the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap “donut hole,” some only realize they’re actually in it after getting the shock of their life at the pharmacy counter.
Are you at risk of falling in the donut hole? Here’s what you need to know.