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How Does an Inheritance Change Your Financial Picture?

According to the Center for Retirement Research, two-thirds of baby boomers can expect an inheritance. If you’re lucky enough to inherit money, you might wonder: how will an inheritance change my financial picture? For some, an inheritance could mean a drastic change in their finances. For others, inherited money might be a nice cushion against […]

Tax Tactics

Effectively navigating the complicated world of taxes can make a big difference in reaching your retirement goals and living the lifestyle you desire. By not paying attention to taxes, you are most likely going to volunteer more money to Uncle Sam than is necessary for you to do. And, yes, there may be a point […]

Market Ups And Downs

Investors can sometimes get very nervous when the markets jump up and down a few hundred points at a time. It seems that years ago the wild swings were not as common as they are now. Predicting on a daily basis is an impossible task and a coin flip could be just as accurate. One […]

Interest Rates: Status Quo

Finally, after many months of conjecture that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates, last Thursday (9/17/15) they said “no”, for now.  It appears the Fed is not convinced the U.S. economy is not rock solid yet, which may be a preferable time for a rate hike.  Their concerns include: continued uncertainty in the world’s […]

Stocks Gain on Greek Deal & Data

Despite significant volatility, stocks ended last week higher after a finalized Greek bailout deal and some upbeat domestic economic data. Back home in the U.S. renters pay approximately 30% of their income for housing. Read more…

Weekly Update – August 10, 2015

STOCK FALL ON OIL WOES Stocks gave in to gloom about low global oil prices and fell again last week, erasing the previous week’s gains. For the week, the S&P 500 lost 1.25%, the Dow fell 1.79%, and the NASDAQ dropped 1.65%.  (read more)

Retirement Pitfalls To Avoid: Part 1

  Retirement planning can be tricky for two main reasons: 1. There are many factors that affect retirement planning, and 2. Needs vary with each individual and there is no one-size-fits all. Retirement planning is mainly about what to do and when to do it. Pitfall #1: No Retirement Plan At All. You would probably […]

Health Care….The Elephant In The Room

So let’s assume you have done your due diligence…you’ve saved enough through your investments, 401K and whatever else. You are satisfied that you can retire (whatever that means to you) and your income stream/cash flow will be enough to carry you right on through your lifetime. You are also satisfied that your spouse will be […]

Three Dangers For Boomers

The first danger for boomers today is the fact that they are living longer than in years past. Living over 100 years isn’t uncommon anymore. It’s no longer… retire at age 65…go on a cruise and buy a Cadillac at age 66 and die at 67. Those used to be the rules and everyone followed […]

Your Investing Risk Level

No matter how you are investing…thorough an employer’s plan, your own IRA or anything else…many times a solid idea is to have a good mix or diversification of investments. Your risk level can be based on several factors, including, of course, age. We tend to be more conservative as we get older. For example, a […]