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5 Ways to Measure Your Financial Resilience

When putting together your personal financial plan, you’ll likely spend a lot of time thinking about your goals, risks, dreams, and fears. It’s a practical exercise, but it’s driven by much more than dollars and cents.

In doing all this thinking, one area that’s easy to overlook is resilience. How much can you withstand in your current financial situation?

Are you ready to reveal your own resilience? Read these 5 ways …

How to Start Building Diversified Income Streams for Retirement

Retirement income planning can feel overwhelming. You might not feel completely confident about how much income you can count on, where it will be coming from, and how to manage the risks you face. Building predictability and diversification into your retirement income plan can help. Here are a few income sources to think about as you get started.

What is Dividend Paying Stock

You may have heard of dividends before, but do you know about dividend-paying stocks as an asset class? While they aren’t suitable for every investor, dividend-paying stocks can be a useful part of a diversified portfolio. Here’s what you need to know…

Don’t Forget to Max Out Your Retirement Savings

You know you should be saving for retirement, but did you know that your qualified retirement accounts could provide an opportunity to save more? Read on for three reasons why you should consider maxing out your qualified retirement savings contributions this year.

The Hidden Retirement Planning Risk

Building retirement assets is a process that can take decades. So it makes sense that many pre-retirees are very concerned about capital preservation, or the strategy of maintaining principal rather than pursuing growth. But focusing too much on capital preservation can come with a hidden risk: the possibility of…

What is inflation?

You may have heard of the Consumer Price Index — or been surprised at the sudden realization that your groceries cost a lot more today than they did a decade ago. But what is inflation, really, and how does it affect your retirement planning?

The Hidden Retirement Risk: A Long Life?

It may seem like a long and happy life should be the least of your worries in retirement. After all, who wouldn’t want that? But while desirable, longevity also poses its share of risks — especially for women. According to a 2013 report…