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Three Dangers For Boomers

The first danger for boomers today is the fact that they are living longer than in years past. Living over 100 years isn’t uncommon anymore. It’s no longer… retire at age 65…go on a cruise and buy a Cadillac at age 66 and die at 67. Those used to be the rules and everyone followed […]

Your Investing Risk Level

No matter how you are investing…thorough an employer’s plan, your own IRA or anything else…many times a solid idea is to have a good mix or diversification of investments. Your risk level can be based on several factors, including, of course, age. We tend to be more conservative as we get older. For example, a […]

Should I pay off my mortgage?

Should I pay off my mortgage or not? Some people just like the peace of mind to have no mortgage payments. But a mortgage payment certainly has its advantages: First, a portion of the mortgage can be a nice tax write off year after year. Secondly, your mortgage payment may never change for several years…so […]

Social Security Retirement Considerations

Choosing when to begin receiving Social Security benefits is an important part of deciding when to retire. If you choose to start receiving benefits when you reach full retirement age, you will receive full benefits. If you delay claiming benefits beyond your full retirement age, you can earn credits that increase your monthly benefit for […]

Inflation Is All Around Us

Inflation can really raise its head within the packing industry and many times it’s hard to notice. Simply, we are paying the same or even more for something and just not getting as much. There are many great examples: That very recognizable 10 pound bag of charcoal is now more likely closer to 8 pounds. […]