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Inflation Is All Around Us

Inflation can really raise its head within the packing industry and many times it’s hard to notice. Simply, we are paying the same or even more for something and just not getting as much. There are many great examples: That very recognizable 10 pound bag of charcoal is now more likely closer to 8 pounds. […]


Looking back at the first quarter… the markets were down somewhat , but does that actually mean much for the average investor? The Ukraine/Russia situation is still a worry, but so are a lot of things that we can’t control. Yet the DOW, for example, was still over 16,000. It seems that consumers spent more […]

Yes, We Are A True Global Economy

It’s true that the markets took a bit of a hit last week, but we really can’t expect them to continue to rise all the time..can we? This is certainly a good illustration of our true global economy. What happens a long way from the shores of the U.S. can still have a big effect […]