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What is inflation?

You may have heard of the Consumer Price Index — or been surprised at the sudden realization that your groceries cost a lot more today than they did a decade ago. But what is inflation, really, and how does it affect your retirement planning?

The Hidden Retirement Risk: A Long Life?

It may seem like a long and happy life should be the least of your worries in retirement. After all, who wouldn’t want that? But while desirable, longevity also poses its share of risks — especially for women. According to a 2013 report…

Choosing a Variable Annuity

If you’ve already decided that a variable annuity could make sense for your financial situation and retirement goals, you might be wondering where to go from here. How do you make sense of the options when there are so many features to choose from?

What is a Variable Annuity?

Variable annuities can seem complicated. In this short primer, we’ll introduce some of the key features of variable annuities so that you can begin to get an understanding of whether or not this is an investment that’s right for you.

Don’t Forget to Plan for College Costs

Finally, you and your child picked the right college, and his or her case of high school “senioritis” blossomed into maturity. It may feel like the end of a long journey, and in a way it most certainly is. But this is also just the beginning, and it’s a great time to start helping your college-bound senior plan for the financial road ahead.

The Secret to Stress-Free Cost Savings in Retirement

If your retirement is just around the corner, you might be concerned about how to manage your costs while still enjoying the lifestyle you envisioned for this new chapter in your life. To help you manage the risks, consider downsizing your home. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Household Expenses

If you’ve been trying to budget, you may have had the experience of looking around your house to see where you can cut costs. But saving money doesn’t always have to be difficult — or even require any changes to your coffee habit. Here are a few ideas to get you started.